This is not our tree, nor is it our Socks. But it does kind of *look* like Socks. 🙂

Oh boy. So much going on, in so many directions, especially with writing and publishing.

I’m writing again – YAY! – a quirky Women’s Fic about a bassist named Berkely who has to go back home to help her grandfather prep for a retirement center. Early readers are gushing and I’m planning to finish it in the next month or two. Berk’s written in first-person present tense, which is totally new to me, and she’s really snarky.

Here’s the current opening:

I can’t believe I’m at the grocery store buying condoms for my granddad.

But here they are, on the list: Hamburger, macaroni, can of tomatoes, condoms, bag of Italian cheese, 2 liter of Coke, baguette, all in my granddad’s ragged scrawl.

Condoms. For a seventy-two-year-old retired plumber who knows how to spell baguette.

I declined a perfectly good Blues gig to stand in ShopMore between the bunion pads and the tampons – Tampax on sale! Sweet! – while trying to figure out what fucking kind of condom my granddad wants. For fucking.


Pretty fun, right? And COMPLETELY different than anything I’ve written before. I’m definitely having a blast with Berk!

Earlier this year, both SPORE and Morgan’s Run were published by Autumn Arch, an indi publisher operated by my friend Aaron Bunce, so that’s pretty dang cool. Plus SPORE’s print books have full-page graphics and the ebooks have COLOR graphics which make it SUPER COOL.

A Dubric tie-in Graphic Novel is under contract with Phoenix Dreams Publishing and is in the midst of being illustrated. Soooo EXCITED! It’s titled SIX SIDES OF BLUE and features Lars alone in the middle of nowhere looking for a rapist. Its artist is INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait to show everyone how utterly amazing it looks.

I had a pretty major health scare this past fall, but everything’s okay now. I’m also back in therapy to get my brain unscrambled for good this time. My new therapist – hereafter referred to as A –  is awesome. She specializes in trauma and PTSD, which has been a HUGE help. So much so, I’m writing and quilting regularly again after a pretty long hiatus and Bill is DELIGHTED with my new feistiness. I am too.

It hasn’t all been super fun. We lost Puufy in January to a brain tumor, my mother broke her leg on Thanksgiving, and there have been other losses and worries among or extended family and friends.

But there’s been plenty of good stuff, too. We got a kitten named Socks this past spring – ornery little shit – our granddaughter is great, our daughter is great and working a job with a lot of long-term growth and stability potential, I love my local writing group, and I’ve opened an Etsy Shop to sell quilt patterns. Heck, I even mostly-liked The Last Jedi.

All in all, things are pretty awesome.

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a safe, happy, and prosperous 2018 and I look forward to regular blogging in the future!




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