HorrorHound and Beyond

Oh, golly, what a crazy couple of weeks! Michele, Aaron and I drove out to Cincinnati to attend HorrorHound weekend before last, that’s ten hours on the road for me, each way, about seven for Michele and Aaron. Long, long drive. It went great, though. Official festivities started with a tour of Samhain Publishing and a […]

Blog Tour Winner!!

We discussed it over chicken fajitas (shouldn’t everything be discussed over chicken fajitas?) and have decided that the winner is Spore-Addict Blog Tour, offered up by Lisa Marie Cromwell. A very close runner up was Steven Faught’s Fungus Amongs Us Blog Tour. Since these were the two finalists, I’m gonna shoot a runner up prize […]

Einkorn and Roasted Vegetables

Most folks don’t know I like to cook, but I rarely cook the same ol’ thing, week in and week out. Nope. I’m usually delighted to try something new for supper. Last week, our grocery store had several ancient grains on sale cheap. Yay! Since I’d planned on roasting chicken for supper tonight, I thought it might […]

Blog Tour Contest

With eleven (and counting! Wooohoo!!) reviewers and blogs stepping up to help me talk about myself, my novels, and SPORE’s upcoming release, I have decided to have my very own Blog Tour. There will be interviews, free books, even at least one video of me blabbering about whatever the interviewer decides to ask me. I’ve […]

Snowy February Day

Munchkin and I are snowed in today, and she’s busy doing 3 year old things, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to – gasp! – lay out the current state of tambostuffs. There’s a lot, but there’s also not much at all. I don’t know why my life seems to be that way, […]


This past weekend, Bill and I attended Icon-Iowa, in Cedar Rapids. I almost didn’t go, I don’t have any new books out currently – the next won’t be released until next June – and it seemed silly to spend the time and money at a fan con without anything to market. Boy was I wrong! […]

Dial That Phone!

Today is a day of phone calls. I have a conference coming up Halloween weekend and today I called Dawn, my hairdresser, to get tint and highlights and a cut so I don’t look shaggy and gray while on panels. So that’s scheduled. I also need books for the conference, so I called my publisher […]

The Madness Begins

With the contracts signed, I can now officially tell folks that SPORE sold to Samhain Publishing for release next summer. I am utterly DELIGHTED and still swooning after more than a week. Wooohooo!! However, with a book scheduled for release next summer, I now have roughly fourteen gazillion things to do ASAP. I need a […]

Public vs Private

I gave a presentation to the Two Rivers Romance Authors group on Saturday and it went really great. They’d contacted me months ago to set up the visit and told me I could talk about anything I wanted. Any. Thing. This obviously opened up a staggering amount of possibilities and I’ve given talks on lots […]