Nobody Dies (Well, Almost Nobody) – A Guest Post by JG Faherty

I have killed an awful lot of people. Now, let’s make something clear. I’m a writer. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy. It’s my job to kill people. So please, don’t start sending the police or FBI my way. Over the years, I’ve written a lot of stories and novels where people die. Sometimes lots of people. Often […]

Christian Werewolf Erotica! (a guest post by Stuart West)

As a genre-hopping author (horror/thrillers/comedy/mystery), I have published twelve novels. But something was missing from my writerly life. I felt a severe need to sell out. Bound to happen, just a matter of time. So, hang on, here it comes, the big sell-out! I’m selling out so bad it makes my teeth cavities hurt. After […]

Guest Post by Catherine Cavendish

Funayūrei – Avenging Ghosts of the Sea My latest novella – Dark Avenging Angel – is, as its title suggests, concerned with revenge. In this case, revenge of the most demonic kind. We’ve all heard the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for…” Jane learns the truth of this in graphic ways. Avenging angels […]

Crazy Busy Tambo

SPORE’s two months old and it’s been an insane ride so far. From Horror Hound to Comic Con to bookfairs to OSFest just last weekend, it often feels like all I do is drive and talk to people about my work. There’s more coming up! I have three bookfairs scheduled in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids […]

I Yam What I Yam – Guest post from Michael Koogler

 When Tambo extended the opportunity for a guest blogger to wax eloquent (or at least make a valiant attempt) on her Tamboblog, I was at first hesitant, wondering what I could say to a group of readers who do not know who I am and have probably never heard of me? What kind of interest […]

Graphically speaking

  Many folks know that when I created SPORE, I intended for each chapter to open with custom social media graphics. This one, a teenager named AmandaK tweeting about seeing a naked fat dude, opens both the book and Chapter 1 and, in a lot of ways, sets the tone for the novel. The actual person […]

Guest post from Glenn Rolfe – We’re A Happy Family

I met fellow Samhain author Glenn Rolfe at HorrorHound weekend and found him to be a friendly, energetic guy with a passion for reading, writing, horror, and his family. When presented with the opportunity to host him during the launch of his new novella Boom Town, I jumped at the chance. So without further blabber from me, […]

Mid April SPORE & More Update

Last weekend’s bookfair went great and I’m gearing up for another this Saturday. I’ll be riding there with AR Miller, and we’ll likely do too much gabbing and laughing along the way. Reviews for SPORE are starting to trickle in to Goodreads, which is awesome and unexpected since the book isn’t released until June. None […]