Munchkin and I are snowed in today, and she’s busy doing 3 year old things, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to – gasp! – lay out the current state of tambostuffs.

There’s a lot, but there’s also not much at all. I don’t know why my life seems to be that way, but it usually is. Oy, the dichotomy!

For starters, our daughter is now working full time (yay!!) which means I’m hanging out with LittleMiss nearly every day. Between Laura and Bill’s overtime, that’s been translating to 10-12 hours days of preschooler wrangling for me and I am POOPED. The house doesn’t seem to settle down until ten PM or later, which is really impacting my writing time, but I am writing. A little. Much slower than I’d like.

I’m focusing on Dubric #4, Stain of Corruption. Most recently, Lars barely survived fighting an assassin who’s after Jess. I’m also trying to figure out how to condense the opening third of SPORE into 30 pages of a movie script instead of about 50. As a novelist, learning script writing is proving tricky, but I think I’m doing all right, just running long. Running long is always my curse. lol ¬†Stain, though, has been filled with a series of snags, blocks, and walls to overcome, but Amy and Bill, especially, have been great sounding boards.

I have fully recovered from my abdominal surgery last August, but still having minor issues from my sinus surgery in December. I’ll be going in for my 3rd post-surgery followup soon. Hopefully it’ll be fully healed. Hopefully. Getting kind of tired of hacking up bloody snot every morning.

SPORE’s on track for release on June 2, and I’ve started the promotional part of the process. I have 1500 bookmarks ordered and will be getting custom t-shirts made for my conference appearances. So far, I’ll definitely be at HorrorHound March 20-22 in Cincinnati and likely at ComicCon in Des Moines June 13-15, but I am considering other conferences as well. I’m also likely to be at the Ankeny Author Fair on April 11, and confirmed for the North Iowa Author Event, April 18.

Finally finished updating the website homepage to show SPORE’s initial advert. It took a lot longer than I expected since I, at best, stumble through WordPress. But it’s in place. Yay!

That’s pretty much it, I think. I’ll let everyone know when SPORE’s available for pre-order. It’ll be some time in April. ūüôā