Oh, golly, what a crazy couple of weeks!

Michele, Aaron and I drove out to Cincinnati to attend HorrorHound weekend before last, that’s ten hours on the road for me, each way, about seven for Michele and Aaron. Long, long drive.

It went great, though. Official festivities started with a tour of Samhain Publishing and a meet and greet with the awesome folks who work there. I even remember everyone’s name. I think. We had lunch, got some cool swag, and hung out with several Samhain authors, then it was off to the con!

I spent the weekend talking books and writing with a great bunch of guys, some established, some new, all utterly wonderful. My feet ached – golly, how they hurt, standing in one spot for two days! – but it was totally worth it. People lined up around the outside of the building for some events and the vendor room was usually packed. I bought a huge stack of books, sold my whole stack of SPOREs, and even brought home horror-related gifts for the family.


While in Cincinnati, we tried local cuisine and I *finally* got to meet Cathy Duvall and Josh Rode. Cathy was great, as expected, even tho we couldn’t visit long. Josh, as some of you might recall, was the leader of my first writing group online and he was highly instrumental in helping me get the Dubric novels published (Threads is even dedicated to him, poor guy! 😉 We also got to hang out with his utterly perfect fiance’ Anna who totally rocks!

I’d thought the whirlwind would settle down when I got home, but, nope. My various social media outlets were soon flooded by new friends, some readers, most writers, and I feel totally embraced by the Samhain family. I spent a few days contacting other potential book reviewers and received a great response (16 events for SPORE-Addict, so far!), got accepted into the Ankeny Author’s Fair on April 11, and ordered 20 each of the Dubric novels for that fair plus the North Iowa Author Event on April 18th.

Since Aaron Bunce had to travel with Michele and me all weekend – we dragged him everywhere! – I’m currently reading his novel, Within, and it’s great! Next up, I have Matt Manochio’s The Dark Servant. (Matt’s in the white shirt with green sleeves at the top of this post) After that, I dunno. I have such a huge stack of stuff to read. I do know that fellow Samhain author Glenn Rolfe (in the red Greatest American Hero shirt) will be doing a guest post here sometime soon to promote his new novella, Boom Town!

Since everything about Samhain is so incredible, I’m working on another spec/thriller/horror novel titled SLIPPAGE. It’s about 2 special kids on the run from an assassin and a murder rap. Should be fun.

Anyway, it’s great to be immersed in the writing scene again. I’ve really missed it. There’s a lot left to be accomplished in 2015.