Music As Activism #1

My father was a professional musician, specifically an outlaw country lead guitarist (that means a LOT of Willie and Waylon), and we grew up utterly surrounded by music and its various bits and pieces. One upside: we always had a really great stereo system. One downside: carrying amplifiers. Amplifiers are HEAVY, especially when you’re a […]

Re-Watching The Last Jedi

I took myself to the movies last night specifically to re-watch The Last Jedi. The late showing was 3D, I got myself some snacks (popcorn, pop, and Snickers Bites) and settled in. The first time I saw it, a couple of days after it opened, I went as a fan. I was obsessed with Star […]

This is like my longest blogpost this year!

(not much of a stretch since I didn’t really post this year, hahahahaha) Many of you may know I’ve spent the last far-too-long in a depressed funk. Haven’t been writing. Haven’t been sewing. Haven’t been creating much of anything at all for well over a year, maybe two. Heck, even my cooking has become boring […]